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Virtual Museum, Online Exhibition & 3D Art Gallery

Share History, Art, Culture & Archeological sites worldwide

Virtual and 3D imaging are bringing traditional museums, exhibitions, and galleries into homes & schools while complementing, enhancing, & adding to the experience through interactive & innovative features
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How can you transform an on site-museum into a thriving point of reference for the general public, educators, students, and researchers?

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Generate interest in exhibitions & archaeological sites

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Preserve high volume tourist locations

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Foster enthusiasm and excitement for artists

Between the skyrocketing maintenance fees, conservation concerns & national/international travel restrictions – museums & exhibition galleries know there are no guarantees that an onsite museum will be able to guarantee accessibility and quality.

Curators & Directors are constantly looking for feasible alternatives to bring the general public closer to the beauty, knowledge and educational resources hidden within their museum walls while preserve the integrity of their collections.

Contemporary 3D Art Exhibition

Our core business

Our Creative and Effective Solutions

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Virtual Museums
Virtual exhibitions, 3D Art Galleries, Online Museums
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Educational Experience
Virtual schools trips taken by children wearing VR equipment in their classroom
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Virtual gallery tours
Hosted by exhibition curators or the artists themselves
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Heritage & cultural artefacts
The world’s most valuable objects can be displayed virtually

and much more … we create online opportunities!

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Our Work

Advepa brand products are designed to add value to the production processes of our customer. We think globally, we use technology to enhance and bring world economies together, shortening distances and making everything more engaging and SMART.

Looking at the future

The New International Trends

Increase your Website visibility

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Virtual tours keep people on your website 5-10X longer

Engage your Website visitors

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Two-thirds of people want more virtual tours

A Unique Environment with a Strong Personality

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Why are we the best choice?

Advepa Communication specializes in 3D modeling, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, appropriate for industrial, pharmaceutical, gastronomic, wine, fashion and many other sectors.

We carry out all types of 3D modeling, with the possibility of customization on customer request. Our vast experience over the last decade will always be able to advise you on the most efficient and timely solution.

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